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Creation of the Foundation

The Foundation Ramon Pla Armengol was created “Post Mortem” by Doña Nuria Pla Monseny by means of the requirements and rules contained in her will, in which the Foundation was nominated her sole heiress. Although the legal mechanisms applied to reach this end certainly are of great technical complexity, the actual existence of this institution accredits without a doubt the feasibility of the project. The motivating reasons of the founder were mainly her personal circumstances: she was the only child, widow since many years, had no offspring or direct heirs, and possessed a certain amount of productive assets. In addition, her own personality, having a vast culture and philanthropic  aspirations, a sharp intelligence and an intuitive entrepreneurial capability, as well as the technical possibility of accomplishing her desire (on the other hand very human) of continuing her activities and initiatives, and thereby making them endure through an heiress of indefinite duration, were the basis of the creation of our Foundation.

Certainly, the founder would be very pleased to see fulfilled the most substantial elements of her last will. This extraordinary way of projecting her succession (in the recent history of the country barely exists other cases like this) provided to Doña Nuria the perfect successor to continue her philanthropic work, pursue her interests in the religious area, promote her beloved collection of Spanish antique furniture and support medical research in the field in which her father was a pioneer and researcher; precisely the purposes of the Foundation.

Video about the foundation

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