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Social work and promotion of Christianity

Expansion Of Cristianity

Foster the diffusion of Christianity and the Christian education of youth

In her last will, the founder gives great importance to the support and promotion of which was her essential religious belief, Christianity, with the intention of sharing her expressed belief and support its expansion. The Foundation welcomes this objective as one of its essential purposes and as heir to Doña Nuria, meets her testamentary mandate. Indeed, in our current socio-cultural environment the vision of the world and life itself is somehow dissociated from the religion and even what is socially accepted should either be secular or supported by other religions, when actually Christianity is part of our culture and our history, and therefore of our own identity. However, Doña Nuria did not hide her deep Christian beliefs and her absolute devotion to the founder of such faith, Christ, which is why the Foundation is entrusted with the implementation of the aforementioned purpose.

Proyecto AIN de Irak

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