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Old spanish furniture

Conservation of the collection and promotion of the study of antique Spanish furniture

The collection comprises a high number of Spanish furniture from the 16th to 18th centuries mainly “bargueños” ( writing cabinets ), tables, and “alacenas” or cupboards, considered to be the most typical and representatives of the Spanish culture of that time. Among the “bargueño” or writing cabinets with hinged flap that conceals drawers and pigeonholes, used for keeping documents and valuables, there are several very fine and rare representatives of the first period (first half 16th century) till beginning of 18thcentury in which their manufacture is discontinued. Also, part of the collection are sculptures, reliefs, mirrors and other ornamental objects corresponding to these centuries. In many rooms the environment of the different ages was re-created gathering objects suited to the furniture. In addition to its authenticity, special attention was given to preserve most of the pieces in their original state and due to their rarity, it can contribute to the study of its kind. The primary intention of the founder was to collect the different times and styles of Spanish furniture to encourage its study so as to ensure appropriate recognition in the future.

Currently, the infrastructure of the headquarters building of the Foundation, which houses the collection, is being upgraded. For those interested in the Spanish antique furniture it is foreseen in the next future the gradual opening of the rooms for pre-arranged guided visits in small groups (Further information on visits will be provided in this site).

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